Caethua: The Long Afternoon of Earth

  • Caethua: The Long Afternoon of Earth
  • Caethua: The Long Afternoon of Earth
  • Caethua: The Long Afternoon of Earth

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Double CD / Digital
Design by Mark Gowing

Caethua is the recording project for songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Clare Adrienne Cameron Hubbard, from the US Midwest. Hubbard has been prolific over several years with a wide range of releases spanning folk, experimental, ambient and hip hop. The Long Afternoon of Earth is made up of two short sets of songs, both different in style but connected by themes – family, place, escape and remembrance. The first set, No Man’s Land, is acoustic-based, with songs haunting in their hypnotic way, finding common ground between the rustic and spectral in the spell they cast. Hubbard’s surroundings play deeply within the realm of her thoughts, with lyrics both unvarnished and emotionally shading in the way they portray experience both real and imagined. The second set, Into The Dog-Dayed Night is also stark, but yet another spin on Hubbard’s otherworldly songs. Piano, guitar, raw beats and almost industrial-type textures alchemically fuse for an altogether different mood – more theatrical, lamenting and spooked. Both sets come together here in the kind of purity and fortitude that underline Caethua’s true artistry. The Long Afternoon of Earth is as enigmatic and heartfelt a statement you’re likely to hear. 

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