Dusted Lux: Neverended

  • Dusted Lux: Neverended
  • Dusted Lux: Neverended

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Design by Mark Gowing

Dusted Lux is the project for Connecticut-based Lee Camfield. He has appeared as Dusted Lux on the artist-run Kim Dawn and No Kings labels where his shorter releases welded crunching textures and hazy ambience in a curiously soulful resolve. On Neverended, Camfield adds songform to shape the signature drift of his guitar playing into bare-boned acoustic folk and against melted sound waves and fractured beats. His voice enters the fray for the first time lending a plaintive touch to the spooked beauty that defines this diverse, idiosyncratic record. A sunny, jangly strum unwinds from What Is True’s shrouding sonic fog - disarming, bare and tender – while elsewhere, A Horse In The Orchard approaches something close to Dirty Three’s floating and shimmering streams and Adrift is both a glowing and ghostly atmosphere. This raw set is a jigsaw of feeling, though its sense of movement is vital and ever pulsing, such is the searching heart of Neverended that ultimately gives it its compelling focus. Limited to 300 CD copies. 

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