Early Songs: Wind Wound

  • Early Songs: Wind Wound
  • Early Songs: Wind Wound
  • Early Songs: Wind Wound

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Early Songs is the work of Glaswegian David Scott. It’s been less than five years since David starting writing music, but he’s been playing guitar for nearly 15 after hearing his first musical inspiration in the lyrical country-blues of fingerpicker Mississippi John Hurt. The second turning point for David’s work came after hearing the violin playing of The Dirty Three’s Warren Ellis. The instrumental trio prompted him to leave singing behind, pick up the fiddle and create emotive instrumental music of his own. Using more instruments as he continued to write, David went on to score music for locally produced films while forming the songs that would eventually make up Wind Wound. Using his evenings and weekends away from his job as a curator of Glasgow’s Transport Museum, David wrote and recorded in his bedroom with the window open, and it’s an open air that’s a shining quality of Wind Wound. Disarmingly spare, Wind Wound’s pastoral atmosphere is generous in scope and warmth, reflecting David’s keenest writing motivations – patterns and cycles, movement and momentum and recurring feeling – and displaying them with wide-eyed wonder and joy. His guitar playing swoons and breaks, aching with drama and tenderness, also going on more light-fingered, breezy trails. The songs were taken to Glasgow engineer Andy Miller for mixing. Andy has worked with many artists including Mogwai. Songs: Ohia, Life Without Buildings and Sons & Daughters to bring an expansive feel to David’s music while preserving its innate intimacy. Of the title, David says ‘wind’ – as in the wind through the trees, and ‘wound’ – wound around – has been the seed for all of this music”. Wind Wound marks a shimmering new presence in the realm of instrumental music.

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