Ous Mal Is Dead: The Remixes

  • Ous Mal Is Dead: The Remixes
  • Ous Mal Is Dead: The Remixes

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Ous Mal is dead . . . long live Ous Mal. Finnish producer Olli Aarni killed it with his debut album, Nuojuva Halava, in 2010. Now, he's killing off Ous Mal. For his next album, Valot kaukaa, due in 2012, Olli has decided on a name change: Nuojuva. Administering rites in the form of remixes for this transcendental reincarnation is a stellar set: Aaron Martin, Motion Sickness of Time Travel, Black Eagle Child, Deep Magic, Nova Scotian Arms, Pimmon, Seaworthy, Sophie Hutchings. Behold the deathly hallows of Motion Sickness of Time Travel's Mortem Orbire mix, Deep Magic's Fatal Wound, Funeral Bends through Nova Scotian Arms and many more donning the black cape in service of the Grim Reaper. This hand-crafted, hand-stamped, self-printed CD-R is limited to 100 copies, no download.

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