Preservation Mix 01 – Nickolas Mohanna: Traction

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With his new album Mantis now out on Preservation, New York's Nickolas Mohanna delivers our first Preservation Mix, Traction - a free download here.

"Traction - a theme of friction and force to generate ideas of motion within a range of materials in all realms - voice, strings, field recording, electronic. Connecting individuals whose practice has been more interdisciplinary, as this method of working has always been the grounding for me. Most of the pieces are fairly short to give a sense of a collage or momentum in the play."

The Wooster Group - House/Lights (excerpt)
Marina Rosenfeld - One
Ikue Mori - Mayukakushi (Wandering Spirits of Mayukakushi)
Joan Jonas - The Anchor Stone
Sculpture - Conjugal Bloom Receptor
Bob Ostertag - Smoke
Tatsuya Nakatani - Industrial Accidents
Oren Ambarchi - Quixotism Part 4
Gen Ken Montgomery - Keystone Model CC 16
Lee Gamble - M25 Echo
Sofia Gubaidulina - II (Stimmen..Verstummen)
Maggi Payne - Gamelan
Jon Hassell - Miracle Steps
Woody Vasulka - The Commission (excerpt)
Pye Corner Audio - Building Obscured By Mist
Ghédalia Tazartès - Tazardrama
Alison Knowles - A Nivea Cream Piece For Oscar (Emmett) Williams
Gianni Ferrio - Micropsichia
Kamau Amu Patton - TEL_ORDEK_DUST
Christina Kubisch - Homage With Minimal Disinformation
Dieter Roth - Harmonica Curse
Alice Coltrane - Ganesha
Giuseppe Ielasi - Untitled 3
M'Boom - January V
Ex-Easter Island Head - Mallet Guitars Two Second Movement
Bobby G - Excerpt From T Sq. Show Audio
Luc Ferrari ‎- Superstrada N° 2. Toscane
Bruce Nauman - You May Not Want To Be Here
The AEC - Thème Amour Universal
Ellen Fullman - Over and Under
Biosphere - Pneuma II

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